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Taste Of Toyko Blend - David'S

Manufacturer's SKU: 187394 - Seasoned Kitchen SKU: 017198

Bring the spirit of Japan into your home when you cook with Davids Taste of Tokyo condiment. This 180 g jar is packed full of flavour including sesame seeds, sea salt, seaweed, sugar, onion, poppy seeds and garlic.
Tokyo is the food paradise of Japan and is renowned for its diverse cuisine. The top restaurants in this city have earned more Michelin stars than those in both New York and Paris. As a leading dining destination in the world, it is known for many iconic dishes.
Davids Taste of Tokyo condiment can help you emulate the flavours of these dishes when you it add it to your own culinary creations.
Famous for sushi and sashimi, ramen and tempura, yakitori and soba, Tokyos dishes can easily be recreated in your home. Make sushi and sashimi from scratch and gently flavour them with this Taste of Tokyo seasoning. When cooking a dish with ramen, mix some of the Taste of Tokyo seasoning into the broth. For tempera, incorporate some of the delicious condiment into the batter before coating your vegetables with it. Brush skewers of chicken with a glaze containing this special seasoning for your very own yakitori. Mix it into a dipping sauce or a broth for you to enjoy with a bowlful of soba.
Size: 180 G