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About us


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Gibsons Park Plaza 
(near Marketplace IGA) 
108-1100 Sunshine Coast Hwy
Gibsons, BC, Canada,
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About The Seasoned Kitchen

We’ve been sourcing the best quality and most innovative tools for our clients for over 12 years. Our research criteria are always the same; quality, consideration, usage. We’re passionate about your needs and want to work with you to ensure your kitchen works for you all the time.

We understand the importance of the moments of connection with others over a meal, and we want to help you create the best possible connections with those you love.

You find joy in the exquisite; find confidence in well-made and innovative products, and care about quality, esthetics and a casual, classic style. We’re here to find you the utensils, tableware and linens that will enhance your life and create ease in your kitchen.

Our customers return time and again as their kitchens, and their requirements, evolve. You can count on us to help you always find a quality tool to create comfort and ease in your kitchen.

We love to welcome new and continuing customers alike; we are ready to talk to you about your needs and help you discover innovative tools, beautiful linens and classic tableware for your home, today and always. 

Karla Shields

As a young cook living on the Sunshine Coast Karla was passionate about cooking, and the science behind it. As she developed her cooking style she would constantly be frustrated in her search for the quality tools and ingredients her recipes required.

Despite intense searches for quality kitchen tools and ingredients for the food she was cooking, she was unable to bring the best to her kitchen. The game changed after a failed search for a removable bottom tart pan for a French Savoury Tart; it was all the motivation Karla needed to create The Seasoned Kitchen, a shop that is now the go to resource for folks to find the tools, the support and encouragement needed to follow their cooking passions.

Twelve years, two children and several cooking styles later, Karla understands that each person’s kitchen is as individual as they are. This is why special ordering is such a big part of The Seasoned Kitchen; Karla and her team know and are dedicated to making sure that you have the right tool that supports you in your kitchen and makes a connection between you and the ones you’re cooking for.