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Fox Run 5.5" Granite Mortar & Pestle from $40.00 CAD
Fox Run French Whisk $8.00 CAD
Fox Run Lemon Reamer $7.00 CAD
Fox Run Tea Infuser - Garden $15.00 CAD
Fox Run Crab Cracker $8.00 CAD
Fox Run Egg Piercer $8.00 CAD
OUTSET Hex Silicone Ice Cube Tray from $17.00 CAD
Fox Run 4" Bamboo Skewers $3.00 CAD
Fox Run The Skrapr Grillr $17.00 CAD
Fox Run Muffin Pan - 12 cup $23.00 CAD
NordicWare 2 Piece Toaster Oven Broiler Set $25.00 CAD
Fox Run Gold Foil Mini Baking Cups $4.00 CAD
Fox Run 17 Pc. Decorating Icing Set $29.00 CAD
Fox Run Linked Loaf Pan $30.00 CAD
NordicWare Jubilee Bundt Pan - Gold $65.00 CAD
OUTSET Wine Stopper - Silicone $5.00 CAD
Fox Run Loaf Pan $18.00 CAD
Fox Run Mini Funnel $8.00 CAD
Fox Run Fish Tweezers $15.00 CAD
Fox Run Melon Baller $8.00 CAD
Fox Run Ceramic Pie Weights $13.00 CAD
Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin W/Base $35.00 CAD
Fox Run Canning Funnel $19.00 CAD
Anchor Hocking 4 Cup Glass Measuring Cup $20.00 CAD
Fox Run Disposable Icing Bag $6.00 CAD
Anchor Hocking 2 Cup Glass Measuring Cup $15.00 CAD
Fox Run Candle Adhesive $5.00 CAD
Fox Run Cracker And Pick Set Vintage $13.00 CAD
Fox Run Chinoise 3-Piece Set $72.00 CAD
NordicWare 4 Egg Poacher Insert $25.00 CAD
NordicWare Eighth Sheet Pan - Nordicware $25.00 CAD
NordicWare Baker's Joy Baking Spray $15.00 CAD
NordicWare Deluxe Plate Cover Microwave $25.00 CAD
Bar Keepers Friend BKF Cooktop Cleaner $10.00 CAD
Bar Keepers Friend BKF Spray Cleaner $13.00 CAD
Fox Run Fridge Bin Liners $15.00 CAD
Fox Run 12 Oz. Scoop - Aluminum $11.00 CAD
Fox Run Mini Springform Pan $13.00 CAD
Anchor Hocking Mini Pie Plate 6" $13.00 CAD
NordicWare Muffin Pan - Nordicware $22.00 CAD
NordicWare Quarter Sheet Pan - Nordicware $28.00 CAD
NordicWare Jelly Roll Pan - Nordicware $32.00 CAD
Fox Run Dough Whisk - Beechwood $16.00 CAD
Bar Keepers Friend BKF Stainless Steel Cleaner $18.00 CAD